Daniel Farrell

Web UI/UX Design & Development
Game Design Portfolio
This project was a request by a friend to design and develop a portfolio for him to showcase his Game Design university course work. This makes it the first website I made that wasn't for myself or as part of my education. The project utilises responsive CSS to optimise the site for different screen sizes. The most notable part of this website is the Admin Dashboard, which turns the outcome into a Content Management System (CMS) rather than a static webpage, allowing for my friend to edit content without diving into the source code, and also allowing anybody to use the site for their own portfolio.

This project later evolved into PortfolioMS, a fully fledged CMS with capabilities such as an easy installation process and a simple Theme installation process, not unlike CMS giant WordPress. The reason for this evolution is that the original project was a static website with a CMS hacked onto it, whereas PortfolioMS was designed from the start to be a CMS.

Tools Used
Adobe Photoshop CC
Atom Editor

Languages Used
Front-end: HTML5 and CSS3 (Responsive)
Back-end: PHP and MySQL