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Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Earlier today I took a trip to the nearby cinema, with all these summer blockbusters being released, I rather fancied a comedy title, so the choice was clear, ‘Mike and Dave need wedding dates’, I had seen a trailer for this film earlier in the year which looked promising, showing some funny and interesting clips. […]

Busy Weekend

Had a lovely surprise visit on the Friday from the other half, she kindly brought me the latest issue of the Xbox magazine which I am yet to fully read and review on this here blog and my YouTube. Sadly tonight’s plan of completing the ‘Gorod Krovi’ Easter egg challenge for zombies on Black Ops […]

Xbox Magazine

I am incredibly lucky to have a other half who is incredibly supportive and is always helping me out with creating fresh new content. So much so when I returned home from work last night she handed me the September volume of the Xbox magazine (just been released) which features content for Halo Wars 2 […]

Sound Testing

Getting the right balance with sound is possibly one of the most frustaiting things I have ever had to work out as a gamer and youtuber. So this morning before I headed to work I decided to jump on my new toy when a fellow gamer Danny (Forzawin) also jumped on. I decided to make […]

Personal Domain Is Live!

Its official, I’m now the proud owner of the domain name: My own personal web-space to post to, write on, share my thoughts and feelings! I’d highly recommend too, it make take some time to understand and get your head around, however the rewards upon completion of the neccessary steps are very much rewarding! All […]

The First Blog Post!

So this first post here marks the beginning, the very start of my own personal blog! I started a demo blog using a draft site under, however the feeling of limited features of the site, alongside how expensive the cost of using weebly to personalise a domain is, I have invested in my domain and server […]

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