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Hello World!

My name is Philip Wilkinson, this blog before you I have made is about my gaming and all the experiences it brings with it, I hope to share with everyone my views on the games I play, and current box office films I watch and share them with the world, showcasing the laughter, the fun and the experience I personally get from playing the games and watching box office hits.

So first of a little about me, the nickname ‘Lankyy’ came about from high school, people calling me ‘Lankyy’ because you may have guessed it, Yes! I’m a tall lad, reaching a height of 6ft6 by the age of 21. So in honour of my tallness I decided to name my gamer tag on Xbox live, my YouTube channel and now my blog all under the name ‘Lankky’.

More about me ey? I work a small part time job, earning enough to fund my needs for buying the latest titles, upgrading the gaming station and providing me with enough support to actually live on, well kind of.. I don’t have pay rent hehe. However this job is only tempomental, ideally I would love to become a full time gamer, YouTube everything I do, Blog as much as I can and just showcase how much I am involved with games, but I know i need to work my way up to this, so that’s my goal!

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