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Gamescom Destiny News

Now today after a long day working through this 24 degree heat, I have come home to find that Bungie have released some new juicy information about the next upcoming expansion to the Destiny Universe, Rise of Iron at Gamescom.

So if you are still unfamiliar about what is Destiny, I have provided a link to my video which covers the basics, to get you up to speed! Moving on to the juicy new content, Bungie released a vidoc, detailing exciting new features, us the players will experience, things we can look forward to and how the content will surely take your breath away.

So if you want to check out the live stream with all this juicy information, just click the link provided: BungieReveal

Summarising the vidoc, Bungie Revealed:

  1. Plenty of fresh content guaranteed
  2. Custom games (private matches with friends/players)
  3. New exotics (Weapons/armour)
  4. Artifacts are changing to offer preference and options
  5. New Story
  6. New Strike
  7. New Area
  8. New Raid
  9. New level raise and cap
  10. New PVP (player versus player) game-modes
  11. New PVP maps

Certainly in my eyes this new breath of fresh content will offer many hours of fun and enjoyment back on Destiny, with a small price tag of £25 for the Rise of iron expansion, available digitally only on Xbox and Playstation, I’m sure to be amongst many players ranging from new players to returning fans, who simply can’t wait to see all this new content in action, and personally experience everything Bungie have showcased.

That’s all for today, time for some Destiny on Xbox One.


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