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Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Earlier today I took a trip to the nearby cinema, with all these summer blockbusters being released, I rather fancied a comedy title, so the choice was clear, ‘Mike and Dave need wedding dates’, I had seen a trailer for this film earlier in the year which looked promising, showing some funny and interesting clips. So first of, the film features, Dave ‘played by Zac Effron, well known from the high school musical films of his more earlier career’ and Mike ‘played by Adam Devine, who I personally have never seen feature in a film I have previously watched’. As the title suggests, Mike and Dave are to get a date each to take to their own sisters wedding.

So without ruining all the details of the film, the girls who are chosen as dates are Alice ‘played by Anna Kendrick, known for her role in pitch perfect musical adaptation films’ and Tatiana ‘played by Aubrey Plaza, another star unheard of to me’. The reason Mike and Dave need wedding dates is, they are a pair of party hooligans and to their family have grown out of control, so by bringing dates to the wedding, their parents hope they will settle down.

These dates however are not interested in Mike and Dave or the wedding and instead are using it as as excuse for a free holiday, causing just as much trouble for everyone as the lads normally do. Now the film is really good for the laughter and content the director comes up with, you are sure to laugh at least some of the action if not all of it you see, now personally my favourite part is the part about the masseuse, now I won’t spoil it, but it is by far the funniest moment I have seen in any film this year so far! the film doesn’t really leave time to bore you or drag on much, really gets going quickly and has you enjoying it as it goes along.

So to conclude my short review,  the selected actors are brilliant in the film, with maybe a little change in character roles for said actors maybe to match how they were portraying characters in the film,  but whether that would have made any difference in my opinion would be totally personally choice, the film provides a no brainer good comedy laugh and the story is simple but engaging.

Laughter Guaranteed! 7/10 Simple Story-line 7/10 Acting Portrayal 7/10

Overall: 7/10


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