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Busy Weekend

Had a lovely surprise visit on the Friday from the other half, she kindly brought me the latest issue of the Xbox magazine which I am yet to fully read and review on this here blog and my YouTube. Sadly tonight’s plan of completing the ‘Gorod Krovi’ Easter egg challenge for zombies on Black Ops 3 was met by an untimely internet disconnection, after a good start and brilliant speed through the earlier stages my internet decided nope not today, so sadly that upload will have to be pushed back which is not acceptable on my terms, I now feel like i’m letting myself down as well as my fan base but it is very hard to find time the right balance, between working, recording, editing and uploading.

A friend of my mine, suggested doing something offline and small, so that may just be the case as I need to start uploading more regularly to maintain an appearance and help build up my social profile. Now tomorrow I have a free day after the early hours in the morning, so I will go over a break down of the latest xbox magazine issue and give my viewers an insight into what xbox has upcoming and what or will not be worthing getting for xbox this summer/winter.


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