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Descent DLC First Impressions

Yesterday marked the first day of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Players on the Xbox One, who hold the season pass or pre-ordered the Descent DLC, could get access to the new content. Now first off I need to say I haven’t watched any YouTube videos prior to playing, and if you own a Playstation 4 you will have had the DLC for a month due to the Activision and Sony partnership offering Call of Duty content exclusively to the Playstation a month earlier then the Xbox. However, I didn’t feel like repurchasing the game and pass on a different console (money doesn’t grow on trees sadly and i’m still waiting for payday).

Moving on, after downloading the small size content at around 8GB, I finally got my hands on the new content and got stuck in with some Zombies! Now I have yet to play the multiplayer and the new maps, simple because I only really enjoy the zombie map pack releases out of the season pass, the zombies side to Call of Duty, offers fun, laughter and a good place to chill with a couple of friends, plus the bonus of hidden challenges with the incentive to completing them to be rewarded with easter eggs and sweet zombie style weapons. So alongside a couple of friends last night, I got to try out the zombie map ‘GOROD KOVI’, based around the story of ‘Nikolai Belinski’ one of the player controlled characters, now I don’t follow the whole zombies story line behind the playable characters, this is because the story line started back in previous games, when Call of Duty wasn’t on my gaming radar.

Anyway, this zombies map put’s you in the shoes of ‘Nickolai’ in a world full of hungry zombies, fire breathing dragons, matrix styled robots (quite literally) and a giant mech. Following the same principle as zombies always has I believe, players are to survive as many rounds as possible, while also trying to figure out the hidden secrets of the level and work towards completing them to unlock the story behind that mission.

Fresh from the start jumping straight in, we had no idea where to go, what to do, or where anything was. So off we trotted, now ‘We’ was, myself ‘Lankyy’, Callum ‘Calpol’, Haydn ‘Toast’ and Jamie ‘Flipflop’. Accomplishing previous story lines in the zombies series and also finding out the secrets, this one was a challenge and we took forever to find the basics things like weapons or perks, so instead of going for the harder secrets we just took baby steps, figuring out what was what until we learn enough to attempt the story line challenge at a later date. Now the map design is beautiful and the detail is superb, the mix of zombies, dragon and robots actually blends well, better than it sounds, everything fitting together from style, to colour and how they appear in the level.

DRAGONS! OMG! Yes they are in this game, now take a double decker and this is the size in game scale, they are huge and they chase you around, breathing fire on the level and trying to kill you amongst the zombie horde chasing you down for your brain! The robots are something from the matrix, hunting you down to wipe humanity from the system, oh wait! wrong reality haha. So anyway, amongst the sweet level design packed with hidden gems yet to be discovered, an underlying story line that is sure to be mind blowing and the mix of enemies that offer increasing difficulty over time, this map pack for the Call of Duty Zombies certainly offer the player a great experience and to me, your given plenty for you pay.

Descent DLC for Black Ops 3 rating: 9/10 **Missing 1/10 Because you get lost so easily it’s annoying**

Get Your Copy for Xbox One @ Xbox Store or Playstation 4 @ PlayStation Store


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